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What you'll learn

  • Comprehensive Curriculum

    Detailed information spanning the essential topics every medical student must know in anaesthesi

  • Inside Tips

    Subtle tips and practical knowledge you won't learn in a text book

  • Extra Resources

    Additional material to stretch your knowledge and skills to really impress your supervisors

Course curriculum

    1. Useful Resources and Courses

    1. The Australian Anaesthesia Training Program

    2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)/ Resume

    3. Cover Letter

    4. References

    5. The Interview

    1. Essential Frameworks in Medicine and Anaesthesia

    2. Assessment Framework

    3. Diagnosis Framework

    4. Treatment Framework

    5. Perioperative Framework

    6. Essential Frameworks Summary

    1. Overview

    2. The Anaesthesia Aims and Assessment

    3. Optimise Your Preoperative Patient

    4. Calculating Perioperative Risks and Benefits

    5. How to consent your patient

    6. Preparing for surgical issues

    7. The Anaesthesia Plan

    8. Presenting the case

    9. The Anaesthesia Induction Checklist

    10. Anaesthesia Medications

    11. Extubation framework

    12. The Cardiac Patient - whether to postpone or proceed

    13. The 5 Second Airway Assessment

    14. Airway Assessment Drills

    15. Difficult Airway Perspective

    16. Preparing for a difficult airway

    17. The Unexpected Difficult Airway Drills

    18. Can't Intubate Can't Oxygenate Frameworks

    19. Intraoperative Problem Solving

    20. Crisis Management

    21. ABCs Boot Camp MCQ's

    1. 6Ps of Preparation

    2. Daily routine and responsibilities

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Learn from the experience of a specialist anaesthetist

Dr Lahiru Amaratunge, Founder

Lahiru is an Australian anaesthetist working full time in the public hospital system. He is the founder of ABCs of Anaesthesia and the Anaesthesia Collective and has been teaching high level medical and anaesthetic procedures to thousands of students, nurses and doctors since 2006. He is an advanced life support instructor, simulation training instructor and runs multiple courses to students around the world. His online videos and course lectures have received millions of views and he is extremely passionate about being able to educate in an engaging and effective way. As a University of Melbourne Senior Clinical Fellow, he is dedicated to teaching medical students and encouraging their growth and learning in anaesthesia. Join him in this amazing specialty!


The manner & style of teaching by Lahiru is phenomenal. I am gaining a lot of information & knowledge that I am retaining because of them!

The course is very structured! The insider tips are very useful and applicable

The real life advice and real life scenarios!

Structured approach, good summaries!

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