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What you'll learn

  • Essential Theory

    Detailed knowledge, illustrations and descriptions to understand the nuances on vascular access

  • Practical Demonstrations

    Multiple live patient cannulations demonstrating the subtleties of different patients, veins, locations and needles

  • Advanced Techniques

    All the resources and knowledge to gain proficiency at the most difficult veins, large cannulas, complex clinical scenarios, ultrasound guidance and more

Course curriculum

    1. IV Cannulation Basic Theory

    2. How I Imagine IV cannulation - simple illustrations to help visualise

    3. The ONLY 3 ways you can fail cannulation

    4. Can you rescue a failed cannula during insertion?

    5. Test your learning

    1. Aseptic Non Touch Technique

    2. Test your learning

    1. Preparation and Setup

    2. Test your learning

    1. Choosing a Vein

    2. Dilating the Vein

    3. Step by Step Insertion Technique

    4. Confirming the Cannula is in the Vein

    5. Test your learning

    1. Local Anaesthetic Injection for Painless Cannulation

    2. Large Gauge Cannula Insertion

    3. How to Cannulate the Most Difficult Veins

    4. Using Saline to Enhance Flashback

    5. Ultrasound Guided IV Cannulation

    6. Test your learning

About this course

  • $79.00
  • 30 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Learn from the experience of a specialist anaesthetist

Dr Lahiru Amaratunge, Founder

Lahiru is an Australian anaesthetist working full time in the public hospital system. He is the founder of ABCs of Anaesthesia and the Anaesthesia Collective and has been teaching high level medical and anaesthetic procedures to thousands of students, nurses and doctors since 2006. He is an advanced life support instructor, simulation training instructor and runs multiple courses to students around the world. His IV cannulation videos and course lectures have received millions of views and he is extremely passionate about being able to educate in an engaging and effective way. In his daily clinical role, he is required to cannulate some of the most difficult veins in extremely high risk environments, and this is the experience and knowledge he wants to pass on to his students. Join me in my IV cannulation mastery course


This is by far the best cannulation series I’ve ever seen, Thank you

by course attendee

Lahiru’s didactic teaching is second to none and always sticks in my mind much better than traditional content

Lahiru's a great speaker and very engaging. The demonstrations were really helpful and he was super diligent in answering questions that were suitable even for students with a basic level of knowledge. The perfect amount of info!

Very good session! Went through thoroughly about everything I wanted to learn about intravenous cannulation

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